1. Introduction
Introduction to ERP and ERP Packages
lntroduction to SAP and its architecture
Introduction to SAP and its modules
Introduction to SAP HR and its areas
Discussions with Participants

2. SAP Human Resources
Enterprise Structure and its elements
Number Ranges Assignments

3. Organization Management
Introduction to Organization Management
Organizational Objects and designing Organization Structure
Organization Units, Positions, Jobs, Tasks, Reporting structure
Different interfaces of Organization Management
Organization and Staffing
General Structures
Matrix Structures
Expert mode Simple Maintenance
Expert mode Info type Maintenance

4. Personnel Administration
Introduction to Personnel Administration
Personnel Actions
HR Master Data Maintenance
Fast Entry Actions and Maintenance
Info types
Additional Actions and Dynamic Actions
Setting Default Values – Features
Remuneration Structure
Wage Type Structure (along with evaluation)

5. Personnel Development
Life Cycle of Personnel Development
Qualifications and Requirements
Profile Match up, Career Planning, Succession Planning
Development and Training
Training and Event Management
Objective Setting and Appraisals
Compensation Management
Travel Management

6. Payroll
Introduction to Payroll
Entering Payroll Data
Organizing a Live Payroll Run
Payroll Process (Different Phases)
Payroll Reports

7. Time Management
Introduction to Time Management
Enterprise Structure and Groupings
Holidays and Holiday Calendars
Work Schedules
Time Data Recording and Administration
Attendance and Absence Counting Rules
Setting Up Attendance and Absence Quotas
Quota Deduction
Functions of the Time Managers Workplace
Customizing the Time Managers Workplace

8. Benefits & Benefits Administration
Benefit plans
Benefit Plan Types
Plans Status
Compensation Management

9.Essentials of Reporting
Overview of Reporting Tools
Standard Reports
Ad Hoc Query
SAP Query
Human resource Information systems (HIS)

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