ANG’s Oracle Techno Functional R12

Version: R12
Duration: Approximately 45+ Hours

Summary of Objects Covered:

  1. Conversions / Interfaces (Inbound & Outbound).
  2. Reports Development & Customizations (Normal and XML)
  3. Forms Development & Customizations
  4. Workflow Customizations
  5. OA Frame Work Personalizations
  6. AOL Setups
  7. Order to Cash Functional Flow
  8. Procure to Pay Functional Flow

ORACLE Techno Functional Course Outline

Introduction to Oracle R12 eBusiness Suite

  • Identify the components that comprise an Oracle Application system
  • Navigation to Oracle Applications
  • Explain basic application integration
  • Identify Entities that are shared between multiple applications
  • Explain different application versions & database versions
  • Multi Org structure and explanation of Sample Org
  • Unix Directory structure
  • Database architecture

System Administration and Application Object Library

  • Define Users , Monitor Concurrent programs
  • Define Responsibility, Request group
  • Define concurrent Program, executables
  • Define Menu, Sub-menu, function and attach to responsibility
  • Setup Functional profile options & Understand hierarchy
  • Understand Key & Descriptive flex fields
  • Setup Key and Descriptive Flex fields
  • Define Document sequence
  • Define Value Sets
  • Understand System & personal profiles

Conversions / Interfaces

  • Indentify the requirement of Interface
  • Gap Analysis
  • Technical Design
  • Develop prototype for basic conversion test as Proof of Concept
  • Develop final code implement the interface.
  • We cover Standard Purchase Order as Inbound Interface using Interface tables, Sales Order Import as Interface using Public API, Vendor Extract as Outbound Interface using UTL File.

Reports Development and Customization

  • Identify the Report requirement.
  • Know the functionality or identify the columns from front end application.
  • Develop Query on SQL
  • Make it as Normal Report test at D2K level
  • Make it as Oracle Apps Standards like using User Exits etc.
  • Registration with the application.
  • Modify existing Report

Forms Development

  • Identify the Form Data entry requirement.
  • Know the business need so that, we can write the validations of the fields.
  • Develop the form using apps standards using TEMPLATE.fmb
  • Implement the form in Oracle apps.

Forms Customizations

  • Modify the Existing form by extending the form with new changes.
  • Modify the form using Forms Personalizations
  • Modify the form behavior without touching the form using CUSTOM.pll

Workflow & OAF Customizations

  • Upload or download the existing workflow.
  • Edit the workflow with new changes like creating process, function etc.
  • Understand the OAF Technology which is replacing forms in the data entry.
  • Personalizing the OAF Pages

Custom Application Development

  • Need of Custom Application
  • Setup a custom application


  • Unix Commands & FTP Commands
  • Project documentation
  • Sample Resume preparation
  • Interview question and answers
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